The City of Dublin

Although, by Capital City standards, the city of Dublin is fairly small, it offers a wealth of different attractions which draw millions of visitors every year who come to enjoy  the city and its surroundings.

  In 1991 Dublin was made European City of Culture and this spurred the rejuvenation of the Temple Bar area into a world class cultural quarter.  It became an instant favourite with UK Stag and Hen parties who went wild in Dublin.  The purchase of the Clarence Hotel by Bono and The Edge of U2 did no harm either - sitting right on Wellington Quay by the river Liffey it is very handy for all the pubs, restaurants and clubs in Temple Bar.  The Clarence is one of the major attractions in Dublin for U2 fans from all over the world and those who can afford it stay there - it is one of the top hotels in Dublin - and those who can’t photograph it or maybe call in for a drink.

The city of Dublin is divided by the river Liffey into the North Side and the South Side.  Most of the posh shops and hotels are on the South Side, which also attracts most of the tourists.  Dublin's North Side is more gritty and formerly the poorer quarter of Dublin, although the economic boom of the late 90s, better known as ‘The Celtic Tiger’ means that the divide is narrowing.  Modern Dublin is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with great shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants.